Thursday and Memorial service Friday 9th Oct 2014

Hi everyone,
As expected
a few regulars were away as there was a memorial service for a very popular man
named ‘animal’. In spite of this 9 people came for Bible study. It was a very
peaceful day with people participating in Bible study freely. One man who came
had not been for a couple of years. He can often be a handful and has been
banned from many centres at one time or another. He is can be much worse than
the Mark we spoke of on Tuesday night. 
Thankfully he was well behaved on Thursday. Strangely enough it is clear
to me that he has had theological training. He may have even been a priest in
his past life such is  his knowledge of
the Bible old and new. Clearly something has gone amiss in his life.
continue to pray for the group and everyone’s safety as people who often attend
can be extremely volatile. They are like time bombs , ticking waiting to
The memorial
service on Friday went ok. There were no incidents and the family of the
deceased came to Edward Eagar Lodge which is very unusual. It was unfortunate
that the memorial service could only be held 3 and a half weeks after the death
due to many complications. I am fairly sure this affected the number of people
being present. The lady who died was a very popular person amongst the
marginalised and also at other centers.
The events
of this week with another 2 more deaths at the lodge, I am sure also affected
the people who were going to attend.
Please pray
for the residents of the lodge as the number of deaths has affected the mood
and mental state of both staff and residents.

Thanks you
for your prayers it is clear prayer is needed in this seemingly uncontrollable

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