Thursday 8th June 2017

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your prayers. Today 12 people came through our doors. God was gracious and in control as one man was quite aggressive to others today. I had words with him. He can often be like this and fortunately when others came in to join us today he became quieter. He left about half way through bible study as he had another appointment. He does attend sometimes on Tuesday night.

Another man who came for the second time and only came for lunch the first time stayed for about 20 minutes into Bible study. This was a good effort as he cannot read and is elderly and struggles to concentrate.

Pray he may continue to come.

After Bible study I went to visit a man with terminal cancer he needs 24 hour care but does not want to leave his unit for a nursing home. His daughters I don’t believe understand the gravity of his situation. He is Italian and that is his first language . Our conversation is broken and I try to explain stories of Jesus in a broken manner to him. I think he does believe.

Please pray God will work in him and that  he will receive better care. Doctors advised that he will not see the year out.             Thanks.  Michael.

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