Thursday 3rd November

Hi all,
Thanks for your prayers. Today 13 people attended Bible discussion. This was not including helpers Ann, Derek and myself.
Lisa my wife made small cakes for everyone to celebrate Derek’ birthday.
God was gracious and one guy who has come for only lunch a couple of times in the last 3 months came today and stayed for our whole procedings including Bible study and prayer.
Another guy who we prayed for last week and had not seen for nearly a month today returned. We were concerned about him as he was attending Thursdays meeting every week for at least 4 months.
A new person who came today is a believer. He is a young guy who has gone out to sleep on the streets to see if he can find out what is needed out there and how to do ministry on the streets. Sound strange? Well thats my world. However it was a pleasure to meet him and he was encouraged by the way we studied God’s word with people who are marginalised.
Please continue to pray for us.
I am also thankful to God that no disruptions occurred during study today.
Thank you Lord and thank you everyone for your prayers.

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