Thursday 23rd June

Today 9 people attended Bible discussion unfortunately two could not stay for the discussion. Many regulars were away today. It was a starnge day as I was also told that many people were missing from the salvos acroos the road as well. 2 guys who have not been for a while today returned, praise God. We also had some youth (7) from Melbourne visit us today doing a gap year in Bible college. They shared two of their testimonies with us. They were also received very welcomely by the people of the Thursday group. Fortunately Lisa had the day off work and spent the time preparing lunch and cleaning up, Derek too was there to help out.
Please pray that our regulars will return as quite a number of them were missing today. Please pray for one guy in particular a lovely guy and a believer who has stopped coming because he thinks some of the group don’t want him there. This is not correct however his fear and paranoia are preventing him from returning.
Thanks Michael

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