Thursday 23 August 2012

Hi guys, Thanks for your prayers. Today 8 people attended Bible discussion. One person arrived about 3.30pm to come and see me and I spent a sort time with them they should be there on Tuesday night. Please pray for one fellow who has been meeting with me regularly to study God’s word. He was not present today. Pray that he is ok. I will try to contact and possibly see him tomorrow. Please pray for a person whom spoke with me today. She attends regularly but said she did not want to come today. She said she wanted a break and will return next week. Another guy I know called me later this evening. He normally calls me up every now and then to chat. He has many problems with his partner who has severe mental illness. They both need our prayers. He says he will try and meet up with us on Tuesday night.Today Roxan from the Church I attend provided a great lunch. Derek was there to faithfully lend a hand. I greatly appreciated this as I was not feeling too well today. Thanks Roxan and Derek. Thanks for your prayers. Michael

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