Thursday 11th April Birthday week

Hi everyone
Today was a
busy day 13 people attended Bible discussion only 1 had to leave before we
started. However he arrived early about an hour earlier and normally does this.
Please pray for him.
One fellow who attended today it was his birthday this week his name is Michael. It was also my Birthday this week and you already know my name. What a pleasant coincidence.
The 13 who attended today did not include myself and two faithful helpers Ann and Margaret. God was
gracious and most people were in a good frame of mind. However I did have to
exercise  teacher like control as little
conversations pop up between people during the study.
One new
fellow attended and thanked everyone and said he had enjoyed the afternoon.
Lets pray he will return as he had suggested.
Please pray
for one guy who attended today. He has bad depression and is hopefully
attending on Sunday to meet up with me for further Bible study. He also
frequents Tuesday nights. Another fellow rang me later after we had finished  to apologise that he could not make it today.
Your prayers
play a critical part in this ministry
So thanks again
for your prayers

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