Sunday 30th November

Hi everyone,
The last few months I started meeting with a person to do Bible study on Sunday morning. God is amazing – let me explain. He has had a stroke and is originally Mandarin speaking. A friend of mine met him on the streets of Surry hills and brought him to the Thursday group. Anyway he could not make Thursdays but wanted to goto the Mandarin service. He has been attending this regularly for the past at least year. He then said he wanted to have Bible study. I said don’t you want me to get someone who speaks Mandarin. He said NO. The stroke has obviously damaged part of his brain and as such he can understand Mandarin but can now only read and speak English. Before the stroke he was fully conversant in Mandarin and could also read Chinese.
Anyway we started meeting on Sundays I invited a couple of people who are from the Thursday group, who I though would not be too intimidated by Church. In the past it has been myself, the stroke efffected man and rarely one other.
Last Sunday 5 attended the group.
One lady who comes regurlarly to the Thursday group decided to come to our Church for the first time on Sunday she also attended the Bible study. I am actually not as actively trying to grow this group as I would the Thursday group. It is very nice to have a couple of people to do Bible study with and they respond differently and ask questions which they do not normally ask on Thursday as Thursday numbers including helpers is probably around the 14-15. This number of people of course changes the dynamics.
Please pray that God will give me wisdom about those attending on Sunday and He will form the group that He wants to be there.
Thanks Michael

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