SHUM starts for 2013 and unexpected incident

Hi everyone
SHUM on Tuesday nights has begun.
Just like Thursdays things are a little slow getting started
and people are still getting used to the idea that we are back.
Sorry I have been offline but I had an accident.
I plan to hopefully attend not this Tuesday but the
following. I broke my wrist quite severely and have a plate and 2 screws
holding it in place. I also had 8 stitches above my lip which has just recently
been removed. I also had a lot of bruising on my body but a lot of this has now
gone down. I will be seeing the surgeon and getting follow up xrays this week.
I cannot drive which does propose a bit of a problem.
This is because I often need to cart many things with me whilst doing ministry.
Please pray that I will be able to sort/reorganise this.
I managed to run Thursday Bible study group last week.
My son drove me in and setup and cleaned up and drove me home. One new person
attended which is great but we still have a number of semi regulars missing. We
had 7 people attend. This did not include myself, my son and another helper.
Please pray for one guy who was extremely consistent in attending everything
but has now mentally lost it and with that his life is disarray. Its truly a
miracle that he came on Thursday even though his thinking is all over the
place. Pray that God will work in him and continue to remind him to attend.

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