Peace Thursday 31st October 2013

Hi everyone
Thanks for
your support, participation and prayers this month. I hope that you were
challenged by many things but also challenged to share the gospel with people.
Today God
was extremely gracious
It was a
peaceful and enjoyable day. 11 people attended Bible study today. One guy  who sees me regularly has many problems
alcohol is one of them. He was able to concentrate the entire afternoon and
thoroughly enjoyed and learnt from the session. Praise God
Only one
problem occurred which I would really like you to pray about. There is another
guy who comes regularly. He is intelligent quick and has very good knowledge of
the Bible. He confesses to being a believer.
However he
is extremely sharp, even  vindictive with
his comments. He only needs to speak a couple of words and those words will
cause damage. Whilst the other guy was sharing during the study (in reference to
living a life worthy of Jesus) , he said to him ‘pity that does not work with
alchohol’. God was gracious and the other guy either did not hear him or
ignored him. However if he had not been in such a good mood and heard him, world
war III would have broken out.
Please pray
that God would silence this man’s tongue and that God would work in him to
transform his life.


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