Last Thursday for 2014. Hooray!

Party Day!
was our last Thursday Bible study group for the year. This was well attended
with 15 people coming to join the festivities. We supplied a chinese lunch with
noodles, char sil,bau, har gau and dim sum. We also had desert at the end, mango
pudding which Margaret from CPC kindly made and I supplied cake. I also gave
out presents. It does feel good to have a break from this group. Bible study
went ok for the size of the group, this made it a bit hard to manage.
I praise and thank God that he brought two guys along who had not been before.
I have been visiting both these guys and both have mental illness. One of them
has quite severe mental illness so for him to attend, even though he left early,
was definitely God working in his life.
that we will be able to continue the group next year at CPC.
for your prayer support and participation throughout the year.  To me its clear I could not have done any of this without your prayer support


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