Christmas Day Prayer Points

Hi all
If you are following this blog I ask they you read on and pray for the following:

This year I have been in conversation with the Salvation Army which is across the road from CPC. I have talked to them regarding connecting together in minstry in the area. We talked regarding possibly working with them on Christmas day. This is due to the influx of people they have on that day and the lack of space they have.

As such they recently apporached me if they could somehow use part of CPC’s premises as a distribution point for presents to some 400 Children. They would obviuosly be accompanied by their parents.

This presents some logistical juggling as well as creative thinking.
The proposal to use Church grounds on Christmas day has now been given the approval from our hierarchy at CPC.

To complicate matters further CPC will also be providing Christmas lunch to its members. There will be 400-500 people present on Chistmas day from CPC as well.

The salvation Army just wants to get children in give them their present and out again. They are happy for us to hand out children’s two ways to live and advertise our church and Sunday School.

This part I think we can do by placing leaflets with the children’s present. I would like to do more but with people coming through quickly and leaving and the large volume of people I am unsure as to what we can accomplish.

Please pray or contact me if you have ideas or want to be involved.
Pray that all on that day runs smoothly and does not cause problems with any of the existing members as this may effect any other furure ventures.
Pray for wisdom for myself as well as to how to best handle this situation.

I see this as a building more connections within the Surry Hills community and hopefully we can use this to futher extend God’s kingdom.

Please pray.
Thanks again

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