A Small group? Thursday 6th August2015

was expecting today to be quite a small group as I had at least 4 people who
had told me beforehand that they could not attend today.
that was not the case 12 people passed through our doors today with 1 person
not staying but coming to see me to talk and pray. Unfortunately she was too
depressed to stay for a lengthy period of time.
to the 12 were 3 young people from Melbourne who are staying at Edward Eagar
Lodge this week. They are here  to experience and be involved with various ministries in
guy who can get in a particularly bad state of mind was exceptionally well
behaved today. Praise the Lord for this. He said he only came for the study and
he did. He did not eat any lunch.
SHUM Tuesday nights
Other food vans have set up serving hot food around Central station at similar times to our SHUM group.
Please pray that this will not affect those coming to see us and opportunities to share and encourage people in the Lord.
Thanks for your prayers

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