17th August Thursday 2017

Hi everyone,
7 people attended Bible study on Thursday. It was a relatively quiet day.
However one guy came who is quite an awkward person. He was stirring up some trouble
and has done so previously. He easily puts people offside with insults. Clearly he was not well mentally.
God was gracious, as always and he later left peaceable , though leaving some disgruntled others behind.
I also received a call through one of the guys who attended on Thursday. He is quite ill in hospital.he has been there the last 12 days.
The Doctors have not seen his kind of heart problem before and are still investigating how to treat his problem.
Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and that a solution can be found.
I also visited another man in hospital he has also had some major sugery. He says he will be coimg to service on Sunday.
Please pray for his recovery and that  he attends on Sunday. I have been visiting the past 2 weeks in hospital.
Please also pray for a family who called me.(they were referred to me) There son died from an overdose and they were at lost at what to do having no money for his funeral or even how to proceed in such a situatuion.
I spoke to Mother and daughter and explained and gave them options on what they could do. I also prayed for each of them.
I normally would organise this for them but as I will be out of the country on holiday soon, it is best they contact the people they need to,
some of which they will need to do anyway.
I normally offer families including theirs a memorial service that I can run and organise including a church free of charge. This is if
they wish to have a memorial service later when I return.
I think they may take this up most do but due to the delay of my holiday, not so sure at this time.
Please pray that God will work in their lives to comfort and reveal himself to them.
Thanks for your prayers

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