Tuesday and Thursday 3rd week of February 2013

Hi everyone
Thanks for your prayers
It was good to return to Tuesday nights this week broken wrist , stitches and all. When we arrived at Central people were scarce but within half and hour many people were arriving and chatting and praying with us. Praise God for continued opportunity to do this.We will be at Edward Eager Lodge on Sunday.
Today at Thursday Bible group

10 people
attended bible study by the time we had finished.
One person
did not stay for the study and that is the guy I have been telling you about he
is not well, Stays for about 15 minutes and leaves.
Two people
attended today who have not been for at least 4 or 5 months.
Please pray
for the group and that God’s word works in them to bring transformation to
their lives
Also praise
God my son drove me in again today and helped setup and serve. Thank you also that someone from my Church cooked a great lunch for us and thank you for the consistent support of Margaret Lo ( from the Church I attend) since the beginning of this year.
Thanks and
please keep us in your prayers

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