Thursday Bible study

Thursday Bible studies begun first week of February. We continue to have people attend and at times new people at that. Please pray that God will prompt those He want to be there and their ears will be open to His word. Last Thursday 9 people attended Bible study. One man brought  a friend along , he was a Christian guy . Unfortunately  he could not stay but said he would return next week. Another one of our regulars also  brought a friend. He has not accepted Jesus as yet, he  attended and also then attended Bible study on Sunday too.

Pray that God will continue to bring people

An  elderly lady who can be quite troublesome has been quite upset . She was  not there on Thursday  but I visited her later Sunday afternoon. She normally attends on Sunday but due to the rain could not attend. She had also lost her wallet, more realistically she had left her wallet somewhere and that too was adding to her anger.  Please pray God will work in her to give her peace.

Thank you for your support and prayers they are always needed. Michael.

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