Thursday 7th October

Thank you for your prayers. Today I thought that not many people would attend Bible study as one person had already sent their apologies and another was in hospital. However, God had other plans 12 people attended today plus myself and one helper Shemariah. Praise God. Please pray for one person who left early I think because someone ticked him off. Unfortunately no one from Tuesday night showed although I have talked to a couple from Tuesday night.
God works in mysterious ways: Today I got a call from the Doctor looking after the lady I took to hospital from Church camp on the weekend. I have been monitoring how she has been going each day and wondering if I need to transport her home. Anyway her doctor from hospital rang me today and she happened to be one of the people I had given a talk to a few weeks earlier at another Church. Praise God that He is watching over my friend in hospital from Thursday group. Today everyone sent their best wishes to her and prayed for her.
I will be picking this lady up from hospital tomorrow to transport her home.
I was also encouraged again by the way God works. One man who attended today , struggling with addiction, said in the morning he spoke to his counsellor who asked what he was going to do today. He said he suddenly remembered Bible study was on today and replied I am going to Bible study at the Chinese Prebyterian Church. Only God can insert things like that into someone’s mind when there are so many other things for them to think about.

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