Thursday 7th June 2012

Hi all, Today 9 people attended Bible discussion. This was not including myself , Derek and Ann from my Church who help out weekly. This did also not include two other people who came very early I think before midday, we start at 1.00pm. One of them has severe mental illness and comes every now and then and had been waiting and talking to me for an hour before he left. That’s about the length of his concentration. One new person came to the Bible study today and he had heard about our group through another Church. Another lady also attended, it is only her second visit. Please also pray for a guy who attended a couple of weeks ago. He walked all the way from Granville to attend. He was keen to return but unfortunately was not there today. Please pray that he will continue in the Lord and that we may see him again soon.Zacky from my Church provided a great lunch today. Thanks Zacky. Thanks for your prayers Michael

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