Thursday 30th April 2015

Today I thought only
a few people were again going to attend Bible study as  there were only 4
people there when we
began to serve lunch
However by the time
lunch had finished 11 people were had arrived for Bible study. This included one new person who had not been before.
Unfortunately today
was not without incident. One guy left early because he
did not get the
attention from someone that he wanted. 
Then another lady as we finished lost it. She became very angry and took this out on a few people especially me
saying I dont give a S**t about here. Mind you this is after I had offered to
give her bus fare
and dinner from
today’s lunch left overs.
She called later and I took her for coffee and talked and prayed with her. She really is a child and
cannot articulate her anger nor control
I realised the problem was she was short some money, however she could not
say this. I helped her.
Her anger takes
over  when
other people have attention paid to them and she thinks she is getting ignored.
It takes a while to figure out why
she is so angry because she fires off at everyone else around her

Please pray for her
as people are becoming increasingly  annoyed and irritated at her very abrupt
Please continue to pray for the group. As you can see the people there need constant prayer.

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