Thursday 18th November

Thanks for your prayers everyone. Today 10 people attended Bible study however 2 had to leave early before Bible discussion. A woman whom attend brought her boyfriend today. He is not a believer so I was really expecting them not to stay. But they both came they did not have lunch but she came to let me know she was travelling ok. Her boyfriend interestingly enough, who does not believe asked me if I could get him a copy of the worship DVD we were singing to. The two songs we sang were specifically about 1) Jesus on the cross and 2) God in creation. Well lets just pray this has an affect and he will return. One guy who came to see me on Tuesday night came today as well. It was encouraging to see him again and hopefully, prayerfully he will be a regular fixture? Who knows. Strangely enough we had a few people today away , who are normally regulars but by God’s grace and providence numbers were still good. Not that, that is the way to measure fruit.Michael

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