Thursday 17th March (Now in recess for 2 weeks)

was a strange day. Altogether 12 people came through our doors. One came just
to let me know he was doing ok but had an appointment so he had to leave early.
It was good he came to let me know. Another two had not been before they were
from Edward Eagar Lodge and one of them had attended on Sunday I had encouraged
him to join us. He had to leave early as he had appointment as well . The other
guy well I suspect he may have been there for the lunch.
the time we started Bible study there were only 5 others. However the others
trickled in soon after.
continue to pray for the group.
Bible study will be in recess for the next two Thursdays. ( so don’t invite
anyone from Tuesday night or tell them when we will restart)
Thursday, (Thursday before Good Friday) I have been inviting people to dinner
at the lodge which is at 4.30pm and then we will have a short service including
communion at 6pm.
have also been inviting people to our service on Good Friday 10 am followed by a
prayer walk around Surry Hills, ending back at the lodge for hot cross buns
coffee and a light lunch.
pray for the events over the Easter weekend.
that people will attend and their hearts maybe open to the Lord.
for your prayers and I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday week.


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