Thursday 14th June

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your prayers. Today 7 people attended lunch/Bible study. Two had not been before.
One of them was a relative of one of our regulars. It was great to have her there and  she enjoyed the
study and wants to return next week. Please pray that she does not get distracted and does return.
The other guy who came I met from the lodge and I had encouraged him  to join us on Sunday for service,
which he did and also today.
Another couple of people I know who attend are now in hospital please pray for them. One of them
has incurable cancer. He accepted Jesus a couple of months when he was staying at the lodge. He was attending all our meetings consistently. Then moved from  the lodge, to later  be diagnosed with cancer. He is keen to attend again. Please pray that he may at least recover enough to attend Bible study or service. At least for a short time or one more time.
Thanks for your prayers

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