Thursday 14th Feb 2013

Hi everyone.
Thanks for your prayers. I had our
smallest number for along time. 6 people attended and two had to leave during
Bible study. However fellowship and the study went well with people sharing and
talking freely I think because of the smaller number. So God was indeed
gracious. Also the guy who I mentioned to you last week, who is not well
mentally, still managed to return today. He still wants me to pray for him and
hopefully will be there on Sunday to have Bible study.
I was also fortunate that my wife had the day
off work and so was able to drive me in, pick up food and help
Please pray that other former regulars will return as there
seem to be a few away still.
One guy who did not attend on Thursday came to see me on Sunday at Church. He is not going so well. Please pray for him.
Thanks also for those who are praying for my recovery.

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