Thursday 11th April

Hi everyone, Sorry for my lack of posts. We had 8 people attend Bible study on Thursday. We were missing quite a few regulars. However I had also arranged for  school teacher with 8 year 12 students to be with us. They wanted to hand out some care packages to the group. This was gratefully received. What also conincided with that day was that I had already planned to baptise one of our regular thursday group members.
This provided  a great opportunity to share with the teacher and students as they were not from a Christian school. They joined us for the Baptism and left us after this, before Bible study began. However we did have cake and conversation after the Baptism. We also prayed for the teacher and students before they left. There will be no Thursday group Bible study for the next 3 Thursdays. 

However please do pray for our Easter meetings. Pray that God will move people’s hearts to be transformed and focus upon Him.

This Thursday we will have service after dinner at the lodge.
Thursday service (Maundy Thursday) will begin at 6pm and for dinner arrive around 4.45pm
Friday we will have service at 10am-11am followed by
Prayer walk 11.15am followed by
light lunch at 12pm
Sunday service is at 10am-11am followed by
lunch at 11.30am followed by
Bible study at 12pm
(Sunday is as normal)
Thanks for your prayers. Michael

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