The last few months I have had the pleasure to see God work miracles in some people’s lives and other times I see tragedy.
Yesterday unfortunately was tragedy. This is in reference to two men one of which, comes consistently to Thursday’s Bible discussion, the other his friend, could not come so consistently due to illness. Both of these men I had brought to my Church Camp early this year. The other man came from Cambodia and has had a very hard life. Both are extremely good friends almost like Father -son. Unfortunately the other man committed suicide last week. However he had accepted Jesus into his life about one year ago, Praise God.
Please pray for the surviving friend who attends Thursday’s group, he is devastated.
Another woman who attends Bible study on Thursday who has had also a hard life. Death has seemed to follow her family right throughout her life. Yesterday I learnt her nephew had been bashed to death in NZ. She is also devastated.
Pray for her recovery as well.

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