People in Conflict – Thursday 18th February 2016

Hi everyone,
Today 11 people came through our
doors. 2 of these I met through Wesley Mission and are Christians from the US only
here for a couple of months but wanted to attend.
The study was received quite well
today with everyone participating. The group has changed again a little. I
realise this is due to my involvement with Edward Eagar Lodge. Some people from
the lodge attend Bible study consistently but when they leave the lodge they
just drop all contact, unfortunately.
Another guy attended from Edward
Eagar lodge today, it was his first time. He was brought and encouraged by one
of the other residents who attends consistently and is great at inviting and
encouraging others to attend.
One lady who attended  to see me, left soon after that. I visited her
later this afternoon and drove her to her sons newly acquired, housing provided
place. Taking with us a load of things she was providing for her son.
Once there I then unpacked the car ,
this took a few trips. Then Ineeded to do some shopping for them as both are
house bound with Physical and many mental challenges. I have been following
both of them up for over a year now visiting them and having short Bible
studies together.
Please pray that they will be able to
attend the Thursday group soon.
Please pray for a lady who has not
attended the last week or so. She is angry and upset.
Please also pray for another 2 ladies
who are not attending each because of another person who is present.
As you can see this group requires a
lot of prayer support.


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