God’s Grace 6th Nov 2014

for your prayers. Even though we had some regulars away. 15 people came through
our doors. This was a bit of a surprise even to me. This is more than our
normal number. Despite the number of people who came things ran relatively
smoothly. Although directing the Bible study and answering people’s questions was
an extremely busy process.
really must thank God for His sovereignty. One guy who can be very difficult
and aggressive clearly did not want to leave. He hung around after everyone had
left.  I cleaned up spoke with him and
said goodbye and left him in the courtyard. I watched him from a distance And
prayed and after about 5 minutes he left.
Praise God that this guy left in peace and of his own accord.
lady came for the first time today and hopefully will continue to do so, please
pray for her.
that God will continue to work in the lives of these people


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