An Encouraging Day 21st June 2012

Hi all, Thanks for your prayers. Today was an unusual day, with people who had not been before or for a long time returning 11 people attended Bible study and we were missing two regulars who come pretty much every week. 1 man came and has not been for about 4 months another man came back today he has not been for a year. One year, imagine after moving around suffering mental illness the going back to the street you remember the time and place of a Bible study you attended about one year ago. That’s God working, please pray they continue to return. Another lady came once a few weeks ago and seemed keen to attend consistently . I did not see her again until today. She had been in hospital for 20 days. Another lady who has just started to attend cannot read but is happy to listen to the discussion, when I am speaking and when we are praying together. Today was encouraging to me seeing God at work to bring people together to study God’s word. One guy thanked me for today indicating it was like a little piece of heaven during his week. He enjoys being able to meet with other believers and study the Bible. Go figure, other times they are arguing whilst I am trying to hold communion. God is good and thanks for your prayers.Thanks also to Derek and Ann who faithfully helped out today Michael

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