Church Camp

Thanks to all those who prayed in reference to taking people to the Church Camp.

Last Friday
before we left for Church camp as always a number of issues happened.
One guy who was supposed to come (Mr X)  had not made
contact with me for 1 and a half weeks and was not there at 5pm when we were
supposed to meet. I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to come and so had
organised another person to come (Mr Y) and have dinner and take his place if Mr X did not show.
Well Mr Y then said he wasn’t
coming and I spent an hour talking and praying with him to convince him to
come, I could not convince him so after dinner he left. Then at 6.45pm when we
are leaving Mr X calls to ask if he can come. I pick him  up and he is not thinking too well at all. He
did not want to take anything to the camp.
Suffice to
say we made it to the camp. It was a tiring weekend looking after them.
However God is good and Mr X and Mr Y both attend Thursday Bible discussion.

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