A Chaotic day Thursday 12th June

everyone ,
was at best chaotic. Not aggressive chaotic people were not fighting, but none the
less chaotic. Today things just kept occurring. One lady who needed attention
all day that whom I know from the lodge, attended today because one of the
regulars came across her and she had been punched in the eye. Her eye was black
, sore and she was very drunk.
managed to calm her and she spent the whole day with us. However she was hard
to maange as she wanted to interrupt and sing and at other times just talk.
After we finished I tried to walk her back to the lodge but she passed out
across the road from Church. I then had to get someone to sit with her while I
went back to Church and cleared up. I also had another guy stay for a shower at
Church which I sometimes let him do. 
 he took liberties and washed his clothes
as well and  40 minutes later he was finished.
During this time I  had to record some
guitar playing for one of our regulars who needs it for a course she is doing.
Then after he had finished his washing and left  I had to go see the lady passed out and
somehow get her back to the lodge or get mission beat. Fortunately she had
regained consciousness and I managed to pick her up and walk her back somehow
to the lodge. Praise God for that.  
I was able to pick the lady up and walk her to the lodge where she is safe and
can sleep it off.
was only the latter part of the day when Bible study had finished.
guy I know well, left a little early today but I could tell he could not concentrate
and was have trouble listening and understanding.
in all  13 people came through our doors
today. It was hard day to control everyone’s concentration with multiple interruptions
and people arriving at different times today.
even had a time after the study where people were just asking random questions
from passages in the Bible. This in itself is good however they all wanted to
ask at the one time and so kept interrupting. I had to constantly remind them
of the one person at a time speaking rule. This just added to the chaos.

continue to pray for the group. If they do not need it I certainly do.

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