Tuesday and Thursday 6th June

Hi everyone,
After speaking at Edward Eager Lodge in May I connected with one guy who has recently accepted Jesus. He has many questions and so he came to meet me on Tuesday and have Bible study. Unfortunately timing is not right for him for Thursdays but Tuesday’s timeslot seems to fit well. It is encouraging to see he has questions and wants to learn from the Bible. God has brought our paths together and so we shared a great time of Bible study together and will hopefully continue to do so.
I have continued to leave a timeslot open for people to have bible study with me. This is a small number but always the time has been good. The number of people who come are from 1-3.

Thanks for yours prayers for today’s Bible discussion. Today 6 people attended Bible
discussion with another two people arriving late.  Today‚Äôs bible discussion was
good  with people participating. 
One of the late comers was not in good shape and I spoke with him the
moment we finished bible discussion. 40 minutes later he was calmer and left
more at peace but cannot communicate in the group. God was gracious , however when
he is like this I cannot speak and catch up with others after Bible discussion
has finished.

Please pray for him as it is extremely hard to manage
him and he gets aggressive and this scares people.
Please pray for wisdom as I continue to deal with this situation which unfortunately over the past month has become common place each week.

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