Thursday 8th July

Everyone thank you for your prayers. Today 11 people attended Bible discussion. It was wet and cold and God still brought people. It was a particularly busy time today as a funeral was also underway in the main Church and people were coming and going and I was speaking to others around at the same time. (situation normal)
July Shum team – Craig who I spoke to (and maybe some of you as well) and encouraged to attend turned up today praise God. On Tuesday night if you meet him Please encourage him to continue to come and have fellowship with us. He has a beard and is a little rough looking but is a very nice guy. Please pray he will return. Please also continue to pray for one guy in Thursday’s group that God will continue to soften his heart and speak to him as He has been doing. Sorry I took the photo near the end of the meeting, with so much going on I often forget.
Thanks everyone for your prayers.

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