Thursday 7th March 2013

Hi everyone,
Thanks for
your prayers. Today 10 people attended Bible discussion. This did not include
another person who came in stayed for a while and then had to leave.
It was
incident free day. One guy who came in a bit drunk comes semi regularly but even
though he was drunk was able to participate in the study and songs and was challenged
by God’s word.
A guy I met on Tuesday night took up Tuesday nights invitation and was there
today. Praise God!
Another guy
I know who has not been for a few months because of an ongoing feud with someone
else in the group attended our meeting today. Praise God for that too.
I was also
grateful my son could drive me in and home and setup today as my arm is still
recovering. He has done this 3 times since my accident.
Thanks for
your support and your many prayers for me everyone.

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