Thursday 30th September

Thank you for your prayerToday went well with 9 people attending. This was not including Josh Smith, Ann and my wife Lisa who also came into help. Roxan Chan provided a great luch for the group today A couple who I have been encouraging to come attended today. One of them stayed for the study and participated. The other unfortunatelt was not travelling so well. Please continue to pray for the Church camp this weekend as none of them are there until they are there. We will be meeting at my place and having dinner there before transporting everyone to the camp. 5 of them are coming only one has dropped out so far. Please also pray that they will learn and grow at the camp and have an enjoyable time.Please also pray for myself and my wife Lisa as this weekend will be extremely busy looking after the 5 we are taking to the camp and ensuring they fit in. Lisa is also taking care of the pre-schoolers program.
Please also pray for the person who was not travelling so well as they will also be attending the camp.ThanksMichael

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