Thursday 30th June

Hi everyone
Last Thursday was a strange
day 10 people came. Out of those 10 were 3 new young people who had not been
They chatted stayed for
some lunch were not really hungry but had to leave to see Dept of Housing. They
said they would return next week. They got on well with everyone. Please pray that they will be reminded to

2 of the regulars also had
to leave early. Then during Bible study one guy who meets with me regularly (at
least twice a week) got frustrated and angry during the study. I managed to
calm him and he stayed till the end and was a lot more stable. Its not the
first time I have had to do this with him. Pray for his mental stability and that of the group.
PRAISE God as he has supplied a team of people to participate in SHUM in June.
As always thanks for your prayers

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