Thursday 2nd July

Hi everyone, On Thursday 16 people attended Bible study it was very busy. Two ladies I invited from Asfield both came as did one older man who came from those staying at motel Ibis. Over the past month and a half , visiting Ashfield Manor and the Ibis motel , where people from Eadard Eagar lodge moved to, I have been thinking that maybe no one would come from my invitations and constant door-knocking.   However God is in control and brings people from where ever whenever He wants. Praise and thanks to God for bringing these people. Thanks also to a sister in Christ who I organised to attend and speak to one of the women I invited. This woman only speaks Mandarin. When it came to Bible study they split off from us to have Bible study in Mandarin. Please continue to pray that God will work in these people and through me . Thanks Michael

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