Thursday 22nd June

Hi everyone,

Today 9 people came through our doors for Bible study. It was a relatively quiet day with people participating.                 Please continue to invite and encourage people to attend Thursday’s and or Sunday’s meetings.

After Bible study I went to visit a man in hospital I have been seeing reularly. He is a believer and I have known him for a number of years. He comes fairly regularly to worship with us at Edward Eagar Lodge

He was admiited to hospital with an incredibly bad infection in  his foot that had spread to his leg. His foot was operated on. Even though he is much better, the infection  in his foot remains  slow to recover.

This unfortunately means that his time in hospital is extended. This is causing complications and the manager and social worker have contacted me about his predicament. With no medicare the price of hospital is around $2000 a day he has been there two weeks. Not sure how this will be paid, however the biggest problem he is facing is his passport  and trying to get this renewed form hospital.

This may not eventuate as I have found out he has been staying in Australia for a number of years under  an expired visa. This of course means that the end result may  be he is deported or placed in a detention centre.

Please pray about this and for wisdom as I help him tackle this problem.                                                                                             Thanks


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