Thursday 22nd July 2016

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your prayers for Thursday’s bible study group.
On Thursday 7 people came to Bible study and one person who had not been before.
We are currently missing people. Some are sick , and probably won’t return due to illness
Many have moved away from the area making it hard for them to return.
Please pray that those who have left, will remain in the Lord and that they will remember they are always
welcome when we meet.
Its hard to follow them  up as onnce people move on at  least 90% will lose their phone, not pay their bill or change their number.
Very few remain contactable. Of course there are others, who without that direct and close support when they are staying
in the area or at the lodge quickly fall into depression or old habits again.
Please pray that God will continue to work in the lives of the many who have come through our doors.
When I think about it its a miracle that people still continue to meet with us to read God’s word and that new people continue to come and join us.
Praise and thank God that he continues to bring people and opportunities for people to come to know Him.

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