Thursday 21st May 2015

for your prayers. Today was a relatively quiet day with a number of people
people came for Bible study today.
pray for one guy who  was in a mood again
today. He has been fairly abrupt to everyone over the last month.
One guy
is extremely regular to Sundays and Thursday Bible study. He lives on the street
in Sydney but goes to the Philippines every year and lives for a number of
months in a house he owns.
had just arrived back in Sydney and went from the airport straight to hospital.
He had been experiencing heart problems in the Philippines. The social worker
from RPA contacted me yesterday and I went to see him today after bible
pray for his recovery. He is a believer and its time he stop living on the
street . He is 71.
had a serious chat about this today and I shared a passage with him and prayed
for him.
also pray for another who has been regular to Tuesday and Thursday Bible study
and Sunday Church has just moved out to Musswellbrook. He too is a believer and
very intelligent. Pray he finds a place to worship and fellowship.   God
willing pray he will return sometime to have fellowship again with us.

guy  also regular has also left our
group. He has been attending for a number of years but has now had to change
accommodation and move to the central coast. Pray that he might find a church
and fellowship group to attend too.

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