Thursday 1st October 2015

Hi everyone,
Today was a peaceful day with people participating well in Bible study.

Today 10
people came through our doors. Two people were new to Bible study. One was from
Edward Eagar Lodge (EEL) and I have been encouraging him to attend, the other a
fellow, I met 5 years ago or so and he decided to attend today.
The guy from
EEL enjoyed today and was pretty hesitant in coming. He was not sure what to
expect nor really understood what Bible study meant.
Please pray
that both gentlemen will return. Thursday will be in recess now as I am taking two
weeks leave.
Please pray
that the regulars will return after this break.

One guy who came to see me on Tuesday night, was a regular to Bible study and Church but  has been straying from the Lord and hence missing , for the past
month. Today he returned today. Please continue to pray for him, that he will return
Thanks and please keep us in your prayers
Michael Tang

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