Thursday 1st March 2012

Hi all, Thanks for your prayers. Today 10 people attended Bible discussion, plus another person who came to see me before we started. It was a bit of a slow start with only half being there at 1.30pm.. However God was gracious and by the time we had finished singing songs and began Bible study most had arrived. One guy who has not been since last year came and really enjoyed the Bible study. He enjoyed it so much that we had to give him a piece of paper so he could copy the notes I made on the whiteboard. This is really God working in him as I don’t think my Bible discussions/talk is that noteworthy. Derek and Ann were also there to help out and Roxan from my Church provided a great lunch. I have told my Church that we cannot change the day we meet for Bible discussion. Hopefully this will not be a recurring issue. Danny from my Church also ran the Bible study I run on Sundays for those few who attend. Thanks Danny. Michael

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