Thursday 1st June

Hi everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Please continue to pray for SHUM as I have just had a group pull out of July.

Last Thursday 8 people came to Bible study .One man a nice respectful man who comes every now and again but only for lunch, came and stayed for most of the bible study and participated as well.

I thought I would try and get home at a reasonable time on Thursday to prepare for my Uncle’s funeral on Friday and my Aunt’s funeral on Saturday which I was officiating and preaching at. However this was not to be. I received a phone call from my Father my Mother was not well and I went over to see her and the ambulance arrived soon after. She has been in hospital since Thursday night now. Of course she was going to attend the funerals of her brother and sister in law but this was not to be.

Please continue to pray for the group and the people God brings. Thank you for your prayers.


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