Thursday 17th November

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your prayers today 11 people attended Bible study. This did not include Joe who also came to visit and join us. It was a strange day with a few people having to leave at different times. Apart from this two of them were quite wound up about  particular things in their lives and so were voicing this. This was unusual for one guy, who is normally very quiet. However when he went to shake my hand when we finished he held onto it so he could keep talking to me for the next 10 minutes.

However I praise God that these people feel comfortable to attend and speak and ask questions. They are not all believers and there are not many places where they would feel comfortable and able to do this.

Please thank God that he brings these people and pray that God may work in their hearts so they can see and understand who Jesus is.

I have been advised by the brother of the man in the coma that the police have charged and arrested the man who committed this crime. He is in lockup and is being charged under the new legislation brought in for coward punches. (Maximum sentence 8 years) . There is Still no media coverage for this at present.

Thank and praise God that He can bring justice to a world that desperately needs it.


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