Thursday 15th September

Hi all, Just want to thank you for your prayers. I am not sure whether you realise this or not but for me to know people are praying for me is comforting and encouraging. Particularly on Thursdays when anything can happen and there is generally only me to deal with any issues amongst 10 or more people. God was very gracious today and 11 people attended today‚Äôs proceedings. Two new guys attended to. One of them from Tuesday night. He told me said he would come today and he did. Another guy rang church said he could not make it because his foot was sore. The other new guy who came stayed for the whole Bible discussion he is not a believer and openly stated this fact but stayed anyway. Please pray for the guy who attended from Tuesday night’s invitation that he will return. He could not stay for the discussion today. I arrived at church at 11.20 by 11.30, 4 people had come in. We start at 1.00pm. Somedays people are early others late. Please also pray for one guy who comes regularly and generally arrives pretty early but has been leaving early because I think certain people make him feel uncomfortable. This is just the nature of events that occur. Please also remember to pray for the church camp I have asked a number of them to attend. Pray the ones that God wants at the camp will commit to coming as I have to organise registration for them and transportation. Thanks to Wendy for your encouragement today it was most welcome, needed and appreciated. Thanks Michael

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