Thursday 13th March 2014

Hi everyone,
Last Thursday was a very busy day. 15 people attended
Thursday Bible study. I was thankful that my wife and two other from CPC were there to help out. When there is this number of people it is a lot harder to
keep their attention through Bible study. However God was gracious and most
were in a stable state of mind with the exception of one guy. He attends
regularly but when he is not going well he waits and sits outside until we have
finished Bible study and he then speaks to me.
Please pray for two regulars who have just recently stopped coming
because  some of the group are quite
abrupt in their conversation and even arrogant. This puts them off and both on
separate occasions have said they need a break from some of the people in the
group. Pray that God will work in the lives of those in the group who can be a discouragement
to others. Pray that God will transform them and control their mouths and change their attitudes.
Thanks again
for your prayers and please continue to pray for the group.

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