Thursday 12th February

Thank you for your
Last Thursday was quite
a peaceful day although hot.
However 11 people
attended Bible study with another 2 people coming at the end during
I was glad to see
these two arrive as they had come for their first time last
However our meetings
are rarely without incident. One person is quite abrupt and rude.
Unfortunately this person has a  toxic mouth and lets it fly at others.
At the same I am also thankful that most of the group are patient with her.

Please pray for this
as she puts many people off side. 
Pray that this does not disrupt the group.
Tuesday night we had a small incident with one young man accusing us of stealing his blanket, which he had left on the pavement near us. (it was already gone when we arrived) For a while he was inconsolable, upset and swearing at us. However one of his friends calmed him a little as it was clear we had not taken his blanket. I called mission beat and they dropped down another blanket and the guy was extremely apologetic.
God is gracious.
Please continue to pray for this ministry

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