Thursday 12th April

Hi everyone, Last Thursday was our first Thursday back, after a Easter recess. 9 people turned up for Bible study which was well participated. It has been an extremely intense and busy time throughout Easter and that has continued.

We have had a number of emergencies – a stabbing almost resulting in death,  a death at another facility, where the two people who shared accommodation there were both formerly residents of Edward Eagar Lodge, another man who has terminal cancer and is nearing the end of his life and the consistent entourage of people who seem to be admitted to St Vincents Hospital from Edward Eagar Lodge. A lot of my time over the past two months has been spent at St Vincents hospital.

Today the man who was stabbed at Edward Eagar lodge and who has made a miraculous recovery, wanted to attend Church with us today. He has been attending consistently since Christmas. He  was so anxious he must have called me 8 or 9 times over the last two days to make sure I was picking him up. I brought him to the service to be with us but he of course ended up not being able to concentrate due to his anxious state  and then someone stole his phone. He left straight after service.

Please pray for his recovery and that he does not do anything foolish in his anxious state.

A woman also called me who had been attending all activities during the week with us for at least 5 months (3 bible studies a week and Sunday service). She left the Lodge under strange circumstances and  had not made any contact or response to my messages now for months. Recently she called me, we chatted and prayed.

Please pray that God will move her to join us for Bible study this Thursday.                                                                                                                                 Please continue to pray for the people who attend Thursdays lunch/Bible study and that the Holy Spirit will work in them to continue to transform them.


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