Thursday 11th October 2012

Thanks for your prayers.
7 people turned up for Bible discussion yesterday. We
also had communion.
2 new people whom I met and invited from Tuesday night
attended. They were quite keen and participated and seemed eager to return. It
was their first time. Praise God. Another man who  has been a regular for a while but has not
been for the last couple of months also attended as our paths crossed again on
Tuesday night. He can be  a prickly sort
of character at times. Another lady  called me and was unable to attend because of
a doctor’s appointment. Many of the regulars were not there yesterday but God
brought others. Praise God
Please continue to pray for our Thursday meetings and
the people who attend. Pray that God will work in their hearts to transform
them as with us. Please also pray that I may present clearly the gospel message.
Thanks Michael

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