Thursday 11th November

Today 11 people attended Bible discussion with 1 new person attending. This person was told about the group from another guy I know. Funnily I have not seen him for about 8 months. God is gracious. One other guy who came last week who was not doing so good mentally came today in a much better state and really enjoyed his time. I am truly thankful to God for that. Today as like other days we have been singing two songs before we start the Bible discussion and today it was so encouraging to see everyone get involved and enthusiastic about singing praises. That’s just God working nothing to do with me I was singing and just watching. I am also thankful that a person I met on Tusday night who was very aggravated and was threatening to attend on Thursday group and disrupt things, did not appear. Even though I did not give this much thought I realise after today that God is watching over us when we do not even realise it. Praise God.
Thanks for everyone’s prayers

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