Thursday 10th November 2011

Hi all,Thanks for your prayers
Well it was a slow start today people arriving a bit late but by the end of the afternoon 9 people had turned up and two were away sick. I was extremely grateful to have Derek lead the study today and he did a very good job indeed. It is good to have him there each week as helper and leader. By the way if you don’t know Derek is Anna’s fiancée. Please continue to pray for the group and pray for the people who may turn up on Sunday to study God’s word. One of our regular Thursday members passed away a few weeks ago. Last week I was informed by her family that her brother in New zealand had just passed away two weeks after her death as well. Please pray for that family.Please also pray for Ann, who normally helps out each week. She has torn a tendon in her shoulder and is experiencing some pain and is in a sling.Thanks Michael

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