Prayer Needed as war breaks out in our group 12th Sept 2013

Thanks for your prayers. However please
continue to pray  this group definitely need
Today the Presbyterian General assembly was
meeting at our Church. This did not necessarily help matters as we had to use a
smaller room and many people were walking around asking where things were.
Through God’s grace 12 people attended Bible
discussion. This did not include one who arrived late and left.
Today was a torrid and tough day. One man came
in a bad mood and unstable mentally. At the end of discussion he picked an
argument with another person and that person retaliated. They almost came to blows. There was also another
argument during prayer which developed into some nasty abuse. They guy who was
not going well also picked arguments with others, who responded with snide
After everyone left I spent some 40 minutes
listening to him but unfortunately he was still angry and aggressive.
The lady who arrived late left as I think
tension and arguments were occurring by then. Pray she will return.
It was a rough day and clearly much prayer is
Its hard to believe some are definitely
believers and yet are brought very quickly to verbal abuse of each other.
One lady who attended, was her first time
there. Pray she too will return. 
Please pray that next week people will attend
in a more stable state of mind with forgiveness in their hearts.
Thanks Michael

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